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4 Post Lift 12 Ton

Modified: Nov. 13, 2014

4 Post Lift 12 Ton KEF-12000

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    4 Post Lift 12 Ton KEF-12000

  • Features

    • It has been specially designed for light trucks and tractor units.
    • The length of the access ramps and the reduced height of the platforms (280 mm) allows access for vans, as one of the platforms is mobile and can be adapted to different vehicle widths Hydraulic system For Mod. KEF 12000 with 4 HP motor nd 3.3㎤/v. gear pump with level indicator and manual descent valve for lift blocking. Safety elements and devices
    • Mechanical safety against cable breakage and electrical safety to avoid dangerous unlevel.
    • Electrical safety against obstacles during lowering process, to avoid danerous unlevel.
    • Protection in pulley areas.
    • Safety device against vehicle slippage.
    • Safety supports. The load is supported on four wedges (one on each colum), taking the load off the cables.
    • Height limit switch. A mechanical stop limits the upward stroke of the piston.
    • Deadman commnads for lifting and lowering.
  • Specification

    CapacityMain 12,000 kg  
    Max. heightMain 1,820mm  Jack 455 mm
    Min. heightMain 235mm  Jack 125 mm
    Overall width3,796mm
    Drive-through Clearance3,160mm
    Overall height2,160 mm
    Lifting speedMain 50sec   Jack 8 sec
    Lowering speedMain 35sec   Jack 5-15 sec
    Motor1PH : 2.5HP X 4P X 220V X 50-60HZ                            
    3PH : 2HP X 4P X 220V/380V X 50- 60HZ
    OperationControl panel (push button) & cable remote control type

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