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4 POST Lift(6 Ton) KEF-6000

Modified: Dec. 1, 2014

4 POST Lift(6 Ton) KEF-6000

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    4 POST Lift(6 Ton) KEF-6000

  • Features

    • 6 Ton Lift Capacity
    • “Extra” Wide between posts
    • Lift Height of 1796mm
    • Safety Lock On Each Post
    • Cable Remote Control
    • Powder Coat Finish
    • 2 x 3 Ton Jacking Bridges
  • Specification

    CapacityMain 6,000 kg  Jack 3,000kg
    Max. heightMain 1,796mm  Jack 455mm
    Min. heightMain 230 mm
    Overall width3,617mm
    Drive-through Clearance2,980 mm
    Length7,150 mm
    Overall height2,160 mm
    Lifting speedMain 50sec
    Lowering speedMain 35sec
    Motor1PH : 2.5HP X 4P X 220V X 50-60HZ                            
    3PH : 3HP X 4P X 380V/415V X 50- 60HZ
    OperationControl panel (push button) & cable remote control type

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