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Refrigerant Recycler KAC-YF6

Modified: March 18, 2019

Car air conditioning refrigerant recycling system
Model no. KAC-YF6

Refrigerant Recycler KAC-YF6 - Koeng Co., Ltd.


  • This automatic refrigerant recovery refill machine can be operated automatically by key for recovery, vacuum extraction and refill operation. Operator doesn’t need for wait by the machine.
  • A large range of electronic scale and high precision
  • Install oil filter apparatus, Reduce vacuum pump contamination due to waste oil
  • Easy to operate
  • Set printer, databases, vacuum gauge, H distinguishable device
 Model KAC-YF6
 Refrigerant  R1234YF
 Mode  Fully automatic 
 Screen 3.9”LCD
 Recovery speed 180~420g/min.
 Refilling speed 800~1500g/min.
 Vacuum speed 90L/min.
 Capacity of gas tank 10kg
 Max. weight of the refrigerant scale  60kg
 Capacity of refrigerated oil 300mL
 Operating temperature 5~50℃
 Max. working pressure 17.5Bar
 Accuracy of Refrigerant scale ±5g
 Compressor  3/8hp
 Voltage  AC 220V/50 or 60HZ /1PH
 N.W/G.W 75.5kg / 91kg
 Dimension 600x570x1,110mm
  • Model no.: KAC-YF6

    Fully automatic A/C recovery recharge machine
    Model no.: KAC-YF6

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