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CRDi tester CRD-1000

Modified: Dec. 1, 2014

CRDi tester CRD-1000, Commonrail diesel injector tester, common rail direct injector tester

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    CRDi tester CRD-1000, Commonrail diesel injector tester, common rail direct injector tester

  • Features

    Diagnosis and Test of injectors installed in all domestic common rail vehicles such as Boshe, Delphi, Piezo and Denso Reference data by injctors Precision Test of Injectors Cranking injection Main injection by Mode (IDLE, MIDDLE, HIGH, FULL) Pilot injection Leak test Input data with unit of 1 for driving RPM, injection time, injection number and rail pressure Visual check of injection state Reference data by injectors are supported as a graph Comparative reading with ease and fast Print test result Guarantee customer's trust and high acceptance from clients Easy to use Acquired CE certification Mark High durability of equipment (3T Steel) Temperature control system (maintain about 40℃) automatic heating and cooling system Self-Diagnosis Check whether equipment is good or bad with self-diagnosis function when malfunction occurs Input and change new data Input and change of reference data for injectors of new type of engine Input by using touch-screen and USB upgradable Safety cover equipped for user's safe

  • Specification



    Max pressure


    R.P.M range

    500 ~ 6000 rpm

    Window Display

    LCD Touch Screen

    Input power

    380/220V, 50-60HZ

    Capacity of tank



    550 x 600 x 800mm



    Table size

    550  X 600 X 730 mm

    Table Weight(kg)

    40kg (3T Carbon steel sheet)

  • CRD 1000 Common Rail Diesel Injector Tester by KOENG CO., LTD.

    Free data input(9 channels of the memory function) Injection pressure(1 bar unit), pulse(1 unit)
    the number of injection, rpm adjustment
    Max pressure 2000 BAR, set pressure 1500 BAR
    Perfect control of pull-in, hold in- current
    Testing of Bosch, Delphi, Piezo, Denso Injector
    Testing of pilot, main, and post injection
    Visual inspection of the injection
    Precise, graduated and led illuminated tubes are used for efficient diagnosis of uneven flow rates for both discharged and returned volumes
    Testing of injector solenoid reluctance
    Self-diagnosis function
    Touch-screen of control box

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