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Diesel smoke meter DS-2000

Modified: Nov. 13, 2014

Diesel smoke meter

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    Diesel smoke meter DS-2000

  • Features

    • Semi-permanent life time guaranteed
    • Rapid and accurate service system provided to realize the best service, regardless of service period
    • Indication of the value in decimal point to enhance the accuracy
  • Specification

    Smoke samplingAir cylinder
    Sampling Volume330 ±15cc
    Displaydigital display 
    Testing methodstandard contamination paper 
    Measurement range0.0~100 %
    Degree of indicationMax, indication 2% 
    Min, Scale Value0.1% (1/1000)
    Power supplyAC 220V / 50~60 Hz 
    Dimension 330 x 360 x 370(mm)
    Packing dimension 360 x 380 x 380(mm)
    Weight (Net/Gross)15 kg /18 kg 

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