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Industrial Steam Cleaner KSC-7500

Modified: Oct. 25, 2019

Industrial Steam Cleaner KSC-7500

Industrial Steam Cleaner KSC-7500 - Koeng Co., Ltd.
  • 3 super functions
  1. Super strong power
  2. Ultra high temperature, Ultra high pressure 5.9bar. 150'C
  3. Extra long working-hours : 15L water tank, none-stop working
  • Six fold security protections
  1. Over voltage protection
  2. Over temperature protection
  3. Pressure relief protection
  4. Protection against dry heating
  5. Bolier excessive water protection
  6. Water tank out of water protection
  • Applications
  1. Cleansing of indoor air condition and engine of automobile
  2. Cleansing and disinfection for equipments and cutleries of kitchen, canteen, restaurant and bakery
  3. Cleansing and disinfection for room and bathroom of hotel
  4. Cleansing and sterilization for clinic and operation room of hospital.
  5. Cil removal and cleansing for machine parts



Power supply

Rated power

Pressure of steam

Temperature of steam

Capacity of water tank




 220V 50Hz







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