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Opacity meter OP-201

Modified: Dec. 1, 2014

Opacity meter OP-201

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    Opacity meter OP-201

  • Features

    • Real-time smoke measurement(%, k [m-1])
    • Portable and LED display
    • Outstanding accuracy, stability and durability
    • Response time of 0.5 second
    • Smoke, SOF measurement
    • Easy to use with handheld terminal(option)
    • Built-in printer(option)
    • RS232C PC program
    • RPM/ Oil temp. meter(option)
    • Auto-Zero/ Span calibration function
  • Specification

    Measuring itemsSmoke opacity ( %, k [m-1] ) 
    RPM (option), °C (option)
    Principle Light extinction method (Partial-flow sampling type)
    Light source        Green LED(565nm)
    Shell length & Inside diam.Length: 215mm, Inside diameter: 21mm
    Detector Photo diode
    Range 0.0~100.0% (0.00~21.42m-1 )
    Accuracy Less than 1% 
    Warm-up time      3~6 minutes
    Display time         4 times /sec
    Power                 220V / 110V AC  50/60Hz
    Temperature         -10~40℃
    Dimension            450(W) x 200(D) x 245(425)(H) mm 
    Weight (Net/Gross)About 7kg / 11kg
    OptionRPM/ Oil temp. meter, Handheld terminal,
    Built-in printer, Standard filter, PC program

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  • KEG-500 & OP-201

    Have a look the operation video!

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