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Spot welding machine SW-12000D

Modified: Dec. 1, 2014

Spot welding machine SW-12000D

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    • Single sided weld on overlapped metals each other(The welding power of ASW 3300 is 0.8mm X 2 of metals).
    • Double sided spot welding
    • Both-sided spot weld on overlapped metals each other.
    • Washer (Ring) welding: Welding the washers to pull out the receded part of iron plate.
    • Flat work welding: Smoothing out and extruded parts of iron plate.
    • Automatic hammer
  • Specification

    Model SW-12000
    Input VoltageSingle phase 200∼220V, 50∼60Hz, 12KVA
    Output Voltage5∼8V
    ValidityDC low voltage driving gear
    Dimension680 x 400 x 500mm
    Input cable8m
    Output cable 2.5m × 2
    AccessoryWelding tip 2pcs and Earth tip, Washer tip, Flat work tip each Slide hammer 1pcs 

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