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Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift KEX-4000A

Modified: Nov. 13, 2014

Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift KEX-4000A

  • Photo - Koeng Co., Ltd.


  • Features

    • Long rear turn-table, positioning of angle plate can be adjustable
    • Operating control system with 24V safety voltage
    • 24V height limit switch provided
    • The hydraulic system provided for preventing vehicles from tilt possibly
    • The hydraulic system is equipped with over0load prevention device
  • Specification

    CapacityMain 4,000 kg Jack: 2,500 kgMain 5,000 kg  Jack: 2,500 kg
    Max. Height (mm)Main 2,160mm Jack 450mm Main 2,160mm Jack 450mm 
    Min. Height(mm)Main 360mm Main 360mm 
    Overall Width2045mm2060mm
    Drive –Through Clearance835mm900mm
    Lifting speedMain 65 sec  Main 65 sec
    Lowering Speed Main 45 sec  Main 45 sec  
    Platform length4500mm4800mm
    Weight 2050 kg3000 kg
    Motor power2.2KW3.0KW
    Power Supply & Motor 220V, 50/60Hz
    380V, 50/60Hz  
  • Drawing - Koeng Co., Ltd.


    Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift KEX-4000A drawing

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